Friday, April 30, 2010

My GMAT Story

Although its been more than 5 months now to my GMAT, but as today I've featured my blog on Beat The GMAT portal, I think I should publish/link my GMAT experience on my blog.

Though my GMAT success story is a little long but there were many personal factors which made it that way, ofcourse I'm not going to discuss them...but I would say I was a bad planner, and thus had to rush with my applications. I'm much improved for this year :-)

Be a thorough planner, to become a good leader...this is the lesson I learnt and here it is My GMAT Story.

Keep dreams alive,


  1. Hey bro..Need some help w.r.t gmat..have given the exam thrice in vain.Highest being 650.I am not able to reach 30 in verbal.I am struggling with CR and RC. Any suggestions would be helpful

  2. I have mention main things in my story above. You can mail me using the contact button on left side of this page to ask any specific question and I wud try to answer! hope that works for you!


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