Friday, April 23, 2010

Confusion, confusion!!!

While still waiting, hoping, and praying to hear good news from Tepper, I’m thinking (read I’m confused) about my next steps, which in broader sense are:

1. To get married and live happily ever after...not sure how happy I would be leaving behind my MBA dream, not sure would I be able to pursue it post marriage, but I’m sure that I would get a much needed change, my family esp. my grand parents would be elated, and this blog will take a different shape altogether.

2. To get H1B Visa 2008, fortunately my name got selected in H1B Visa lottery, costing me 1 lac in cash. Yes, like many others, I was that crazy to go and work in US. earn Dollors = waste rupees = Blind, u know. But before I got it stamped, Reccession hit everyone, including H1B Visa stamping. Nobody was getting Visas during that time, all Visas were getting queired and rejected. Though it is still tough to get it done, but the situation is much improved now. This is also one option running behind scenes, but again leaving my MBA dream behind.

3. To chase my dream for next year...this is somehow will surely going to make me happy, to chase it again and succeed. But as it is just 4-5 months left for R1 gates and the huge question in front of me is how to improve my profile. There are not many options though.

a. CABM (Certified Associate Business Manager): This is a professional certification based on a pre-MBA curriculum. As per its website, there are actually five top schools with whom it works: ISB, Kellogg, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Wharton, and Harvard. But it has a huge theoretical course material to be completed in 3 months.

b. Consulting certification: not earlier than 4 days, I got to know about a company that provides a consulting course and a certification upon completing it. As I’m in IT industry and have no experience in consulting, I feel this is also a way to gain some consulting hands-on experience. Not able to figure out, what is the worth!!!

c. Switch from software to a consulting company: Given the timeframe, I don’t think it is a viable option and will bring much value to the table.

The bottom line is I’m confused, very confused, and the time is flying...



  1. Don't be confused. decide upon sumthng .. ur heart says..
    go with it..
    confusion leads u no where..
    Best happens to best people. and u r one of them.
    As far as flow of thought goes.. it's fantabulous. keep up the gud work swt.

  2. Hey.. you may not like me suggesting.. but still after reading about so much confusions, thought i would share something.

    1. Marriage - No comments

    2. H1 B Stuff - If you are planning to go for H1, it would take a year for you to settle down in US after you travel. But its an add-on to your profile with little(may be more) risk factor involved. Well you can stamp ur visa anytime since its 2008. Let me know if you need any help in this regard since couple of friends have their own consultancy

    3. I have to dig about the certifications you have mentioned but I know your resume was saying Gen. Mgmt somewhere. So try for PMP Certification - can align with your career goal when you specified about Gen Mgmt. Not sure on the core details in it, but just to add in ur profile. That's it. I think its pretty easy for preparation.
    Else Sig Sixma Certification - if you have any knowledge in that. Just my thoughts ..

    Just do what you heart says. Go with it. Heart is the best decision maker - atleast for me. Things will settle down soon. All the Best !!. Let me know if you need any more in-depth details

  3. Shrema, thanks a lot for being such a nice support, motivating me always...

    S-AK, thanks for elaborated comment...PMP and six-sigma are great certificates but regarding certification, I've decided to go with CABM, as it would give me a much broader spectrum and needed foundation...

  4. You are welcomed and All the best on your certification, A !!.

  5. I was going through this post and it seemed like a reflection of what I have been going through! Are you applying for 2011?

  6. Hey, thanks for visiting..Yes, am planning to apply for Fall 2011..

  7. A, Have you started with your CABM course? Need info on that... Can you help??

  8. Ya I've started CABM but not upto the mark. lemme know what kinda help you need.

  9. I would like to know about the course as such, degree of difficulty, advantages, duration, basically the works.
    Can I email you regarding this? Please let me know...


  10. Sure, you can mail me regarding this. You could use the 'contant me' button on the left.


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