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MBA program selection: series:
post #1. What MBA Programs Should You Apply To Next Season?
post #2. Assessing Your Profile
post #3. Determining Your Needs and Wants
post #4. Weighting Your Needs and Wants
post #5. Reaches, On-Pars, and Safeties

Not so good academics?: Low GMAT or GPA Let admission committee know Do not blame your professors

Resume Building:

Adam Markus: Resume building
ClearAdmit: Resume Guide - $35
MBAGamePlan: Sample resumes from top schools Admissions Resume - What to Include Ten Do's and Don'ts Proofreading your resume Sample resumes Demonstrating professional growth in flat organization
A: Resume building post #1
A: Resume building post #2

Essay Tips: Career goals essay approach
ClearAdmit: Career goals essay approach Harvard 2011 essays tips
ClearAdmit: Harvard 2011 essays tips
Clearadmit: Crafting Strong Essays – The Rewards of Reflection Common application essay tips

Kellogg Essays Analysis:
Stacy Blackman

Reliance Stanford Fellowship Essay:

Gurome: 2009 Reliance Stanford Fellows
A: Update on Reliance Stanford scholarship essay
A: Thoughts on Reliance Stanford scholarship essay


ClearAdmit: Selecting your recommenders

Waitlist Tips:

Mbamission: Waitlist Is a Test!
Mbamission: The Open Waitlist is Not a Flood!

Misc Resources:

Aringo: GMAT below 720? Get Accepted!
ClearAdmit: Admission tips beyond websites 10 tips for better writing
StacyBlackMan: How to stay engaged
VeritasPrep: Schools annual reports 2010 Application Boxes Should Do the Heavy Lifting
Adam Markus: Reapplication for success webinar
Topmba: mba rankings


  1. Provide School Selection tips as well. I remember seeing a link in ur blog for that

  2. Yes S-AK, I'll keep including links in this :)

  3. Hi,

    Wanted to ask, I have given my current work experience (39 Months) rather than my work experience on date of joining (51 Months).

    The application has already been submitted.

    Any advice if I should do any thing about this ? (Email the admissions board)

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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