Monday, May 20, 2013

One month into PGPX program in IIMA

I am little more than a month old in IIM Ahmedabad and what a month it was.

New subjects, long studying hours, sleep deprived days, surprise quizzes, individual and group assignments, daily case-study preparations, mid-terms, presentations and much more. It sounds really overwhelming isn't?
But the feeling of living inside IIMA and learning with so many exceptionally talented professors and students made it really worth it!
All 85 of  us are grouped in teams of 5 or 6 and we call each them a Syndi. I am in Syndi F with 5 more. Each Syndi has its own Syndicate room where we meet for our group studies, mostly post dinner. Going to have huge projectors in each Syndicate rooms soon and plans of a movie together is already cropping up ;)
I have to write short today because of two assignment submissions tomorrow, 2 quizzes in this week, 3 presentations, and end-term starting from next week. But from now on I will sincerely try to come here and blog. For now, please enjoy the video of our one month into PGPX, IIMA prepared by me and my classmate. Hope you like it!


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