Monday, April 19, 2010

Mistakes made, lessons learnt

As I think now about the past few months of my MBA app process, everything boils down to two things:

1. Quality time for apps: I took GMAT in mid-november 2009, and was left with only a lil more than ten days to complete ISB R2 app and a lil more than a month to shortlist and complete other five bschools app. I rushed and I rushed really hard to complete all my apps in time just with a grace of not days but hours and a few by minutes. I gave no essays more than 3 days to draft, review, re-review, and finalise. But I still I managed to get inteview calls from ISB R2, Ross R2, Tepper R2, and waitlist from latter two.

It is very important to give ample amount of quality time for apps most importantly essays. Essays are not just essays, they are E-S-S-A-Y-S. Every letter matters. After all, its all about how well you tell your story :)

2. Community outreach: I never initiated, may be because of less time, efforts to outreach community (students and alums) of the schools I applied. This will not only fill the community section in your app (which remained empty in all my apps), but also importantly help you understand the better and bigger picture about the school, your career goals, and how school fits in your goals, a picture which would always be blur by hopping just a website.

Always make efforts to connect to as many students, alums, and most importantly, newly admitted students in your local area- you could try meeting them face to face.

If I remember anything else, I'll update it in my coming posts.


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