Sunday, August 15, 2010

ISB Essay 1... Scrapping is not bad!

Wishing you all Indians a very Happy Independence Day. It's all about freedom of doing things we like, we feel, we love, and one of them is blogging!

In my earlier post last week, I felt that my ISB first essay draft is taking a decent shape but the very next day when mukaam reviewed it, she told that though its telling my unique experiences in an impressive story style but missing a most important aspect - my contributions to ISB by those experiences.

Then I tried to pen down my contributions, but every subsequent reading at every subsequent morning made me dislike it further. Somehow I started feeling that though it is telling my unique experiences but it is still not coming as a compelling argument, which essay question demands. So, finally I called mukaam to tell I'm scrapping essay 1 or will move it to ISB additional essay. She reacted positively.

This made me remind a Wharton alum words in a recent Wharton session: "If you feel to scrap your written essay to start it fresh, it means you have given it enough thought and you are on a right track." Now, this doesn't mean every essay should be scrapped to be good, but it does mean that don't get disheartened if you have to scrap first few drafts, as this is the way amazing things take shape :)

I've started drafting it again completely new, and will send it soon for review before this weekend will say bye-bye.

Live the freedom - today and forever!


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