Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fruitful were my last few weeks!

Hello there,

I have a BIG smile on my face :-)) writing this post and have many reasons to back it. And to share with you these reasons in brief is the main purpose of this post.

Few of you, my readers, mailed me to check on me and asked me why off late I am not posting anything.  This is the first and foremost reason of my smile making me believe that I have got some really serious readers following and I promise them and you to post more often.

A few people have approached me for guest posts and even paid advertising which signifies the popularity of my blog and the thought itself becomes one more reason.

Last few weeks I was working with 3 guys as a MBA application mentor and just completed applications with them under my initiative mentioned in my earlier post. I worked with these three for the first time and helped each with just one school application. We all have worked really hard and the increasing satisfaction in their tone with every revised version of an essay kept making me more confident and thrilled. One of them even wants to post a testimonial on my blog as a guest post, making me elated. Desperately, waiting for their interview invites now.

One of the weakness I had always felt in my resume was no international exposure. This weakness no more exists in my updated resume as from last 2 months I am working out of US and hopefully be here for many months to come.

And last but most important reason of my BIG smile is that I am getting married this December to the love of my life. Her name is Isha and we both are madly in love :)

Thanks all for this :-))
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