Sunday, April 18, 2010

A blog, Why?

When I first thought to create this blog, I'd so much to write in...but now, when I've actually created one, I'm wondering where you begin from.

Well, a nice way to begin is to write down WHY I need this blog. This word WHY has many hidden information, as I learnt during my last few months of gruelling MBA application process, but I'll come to that WHY MBA stuff later. Here, I wanna line up WHY this blog!

TO TRACK my past actions,
TO LEARN from my mistakes,
TO REMEMBER my lessons, and
TO PLAN my after steps.

Basically, TO MANAGE myself and my journey.

I don't know my blog will ever be read by anyone but I wanna make it help me, and anyone who would follow it might not make the same mistakes as I did.


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