Sunday, August 7, 2011 wants to interview me!

Today I got a mail from Sarah Pritzker of that they've been following my blog and are enjoying reading about my experience as an MBA applicant. They want me to share my story with them in an interview that they'll then feature on blog.

This mail gave me a very good feeling along with a humble feeling I am having everyday talking to a few new applicants who are interested in my consultation.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My friends' idea. My hard work.

As I am still waiting for RSM result, I am glad to let you know that I am helping applicants with their applications for this Fall. I did help my two friends for quite some time and both of them got interview call as I mentioned in my previous mail. 

That was indeed a very satisfying feeling and I would love to boast that at least in last two years I have grown quite good in reviewing Resumes and Essays.

So, the news is that both of my friends were really impressed by my offered help and understanding of the subject, and referred me to some of their friends. We talked over phone and three of those five became interested in trying my services. Though I never had thought about it myself but my friends, impressed by my consultation, encouraged me to charge for this. That would keep both the parties charged up, they said! :-)

And, this would also help me hire a professional editor, someone I real want to work part time with me since I know he is very good. This will help me concentrate more on the meaning of your content than the language of it. And, believe me that is what needed the most and that is what you will rarely find.

So, I have come up with this:

1. Guys, c'mon I know you wanna check me first: Send me any of your essays (150-200 words) or your resume and get it reviewed completely free.

2. Then, only if that first review brought a smile on your face: I have wasted a huge chunk of money (like 50K in one go :-( ) on some of the popular admission services just to feel badly disappointed. So, Let's begin with LOW MONEY and UNLIMITED ROUNDS of review (by me). Two final rounds of language editing would be done by the professional editor.

a. 500 INR for Resume
b. 1K INR per essay (<= 500 words)
c. 1.5K INR per essay (> 500 words)

FYI, all the three applicants had submitted their initial draft for review and two of them have already enrolled for one essay each. Not bad for the starters :) And, I love to feel that satisfying feeling, so gonna work real hard on these two essays!

Let me know if you want to know more.

Monday, August 1, 2011

SLP Admissions for Class of 2012

I'd recommend you to apply to the Startup Leadership Program Class of 2012. I've graduated, and become part of this incredible global network.

Here are 15 reasons why you must apply to the Startup Leadership Program Class of 2012.

Here is a quick overview once again:

SLP (www.startupleadershipSLP alumni around the world (Boston, New York, Silicon Valley, San Diego, Beijing, Bangalore and Delhi).

To apply, click here:

We will be taking applications to Bangalore only for one more week - till the 7th of August. Those interested are advised to apply well in time to avoid last minute rush.

Like us on Facebook for announcements:

Hurry up!

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