Sunday, March 10, 2013

IIM Ahmedabad Calling :-)

In one of my posts in 2010, I wrote, if I deserve it, I will get it sooner or later...(read entire post here) Finally, I got it.. Yes, I got selected in IIM Ahmedabad PGPX. The biggest dream of my life has come true :)

Finally, I am gonna be an IIMA grad... Whoa, after writing so many posts about my rejections, mistakes and learning, the feeling of writing a post of my admit to the top business school of India and 11th ranked program in the world its so overwhelming.

I am really grateful for all the people who directly or indirectly supported me throughout this long turbulent journey. And funny it may sound, but I am grateful to even myself for having strong faith and perseverance.

I am flying back from US in two weeks to enjoy the most awaited one-year roller coaster of my life. It starts on Apr 8th 2013. Stay tuned!

IIMA calling :-)

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