Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Power Eating For Exam Time - Guest post

Since its a season when many applicants are studying to slay the GMAT, here is a guest post by Lior for some wonderful tips on healthy eating during this stressful time. Hope this helps!

Exam time for students is not only a stressful time because of the extra study time required and the pressure of the exams themselves, but it often centers around a busy season as well such as Christmas for example, or Easter in the Spring. This adds additional time constraints to the student.

The first thing to suffer during this time is a healthy diet. Yet this is the time when proper nutrition is needed most. Extra energy is needed to be able to cope with the additional time constraints, and lack of sleep means their resistance to colds and flu are dropping. Here are a few hints to help keep you on the right track with your eating habits.


Take a bit of time to do some shopping for some quick healthy snack foods. These will come in handy when you are really pressed for time. Items such as granola bars and some veggies and dip pre-prepared are good choices. You can quickly grab them while you are on the run, or are studying. These will give you at least part of your daily quota of vegetables even though you are not able to sit down and eat a proper meal. If you prepare these at the start of exam week you should have enough to carry you through the week. Be sure to carry a few of the granola bars with you as they will carry you through as a quick snack when needed.

Health drinks

Try to stay away from the caffeine laden energy drinks. Instead, replace these with vegetable and fruit drinks. You will be replacing some of the vitamins you are missing as well as not stressing out your body with the caffeine. There are some great combo drinks available that are a blend of fruit and vegetables.

Meal Replacements

If you have to miss a meal, try to be sure it is no more than one meal a day. In this case drink one of the liquid meal replacement drinks. These contain a high quantity of minerals and vegetables.

Have a fortified breakfast

There are some excellent cereal on the market that are fortified with extra vitamins and nutrients as well. Make use of these and replace your sugar coated cereal with these at least during exam time, although they are good to be used on a daily basis and not just during this stressful period.

These are some tips on what to eat to help you get through exam time, but you also want to be sure you pay attention of what not to eat. Loading up on high caffeine drinks and chocolate only provide quick but temporary energy boosts, and are really hard on your body. Grabbing a bag of potato chips to stop the hunger pangs, is not a healthy move either.

With some careful planning and preparing some healthy meals ahead of time, then freezing them is also a great step to take. This way when you are pressed for time during your exams, you can quickly and easily heat up one of these meals and still be eating healthy.

This was a post by Lior who works for an MA in Israel program and also for the MA in political science program in Tel Aviv university.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I am in top ten of 2010-2011 Best of Blogging competition :-)

I am overwhelmed by this news. I am in top ten of 2010-2011 Best of Blogging competition :-)

Thanks to all the readers and voters. And many congratulations to other winners.

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