Thursday, May 6, 2010

Confusion faded, Consulting is the way

In my earlier post, I mentioned about my confusion state related to my career. Few days back, I'd a long discussion with my cousin, an Harvard MBA, working with an Investment firm in US. As I was in real rush with my apps last year, I didn't get a chance to discuss my apps with him. Interaction with him was a real eye-opener experience, indeed, fading my confusion significantly.

With his vast consulting experience, both before and after Harvard, he informed me a lot about consulting world and how I could utilise my 6 years technical experience to work and thrive smartly in a consulting company post MBA. So, it might be a career switch from IT to consulting, but I would always have an option to work with technology clients and grow quickly and smartly in consulting industry.

Second, he told me and also as per Management Consulted, consultants always have an option to exit consulting after working for several years and join industry in corporate roles, depending on their experience and exposure in that industry.

So why consulting when I love technology and might plan to return to the industry? This is because in consulting, my career would grow faster than in IT. I will get much needed exposure to wider spectrum of this industry. I will deal with magnitude of clients, acquire analytical, quantitative, strategic skills/knowledge to solve complex problems, understand business in all its dimensions, and get myself ready for corporate/senior management roles in industry few years down the line, which would be significantly slow staying in IT.

So, this is in brief a Why MBA answer for me, fading my confusion.

With this clarity, I've:
1. Registered myself for CABM certificate (will post a separate post for this).
2. Registered myself for Whartan admission event in Bangalore on 26th May 2010.
3. Started shortlisting schools and preparing shortlist criteria.
4. Contacting students and alums of few schools.

I hate writing long posts, my friend knows it.



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  2. hy thats nice.. so u decided Consulting now huh... tats cool.. let me kno once u shortlist ur schools.. All the best .. and now i doono for some reason i m really really scared and tensed aftr reading ur post ... goshh i hav so much to do.. :( :(.. tak cre bye

  3. So decided on the Industry.. any clue on specilisation ?... have decided on that or thought abt it ?..may be u need to look for schools with the most specific credits/ electives aligned with consulting,...i may need to dig more.. Consuling - Strategy struck me.. but need to do some in-depth research..

  4. hey S-AK, surely I will let u know once am done wid school shortlisting. It might help you.

  5. Yes and it would be gr8 if you share the criteria - considered - as well. Much appreciated !!


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