Thursday, May 20, 2010

Resume Building

Today, after many weeks I saw my Resume which I sent to my selected schools last year. It's in a very decent shape but I realised that still there are a few strong facts missing, and the format could be much better.

Few points worth mentioning:

1. The resume should be preferably limited to one page, making the excellent first impression on the admission committee.

2. It should be succinct and concise highlighting the key information about the background, past experience, and selective/admirable extra-curricular activities. It should also demonstrate the leadership potential and the vigor to sustain the rigorous course.

3. It should connect very well to the essays. Or in other way, the essays should detail/emphasise your resume points.

4. It should have an impressive professional format. Below is the link which comprises resume samples from top bschools successful applicants. With format, it could also give an idea of the content.

For strategies:

For Resume format:

Please drop in as comments other useful resume building resources.



  1. I just saw this post of yours, plus another on compiling a resume, so thought maybe you'd be interested in some of's resume-writing/editing resources. Here are a few you may benefit from. Hopw that helps!

    Best of luck,
    Sarah Pritzker

    1. (an excerpt from on old Odds N Ends newsletter)

    2. (sample resumes and cover letters)

    3. (more tips)

  2. Thanks Sarah. Indeed! these resources will help me and my readers.

  3. Hey,
    Like always, your post came handy while I was updating my resume last week.
    I am stuck on a question though:
    I am a full time engineer at XYZ from 2008 to 2009 but at the same time I'm co-founder a non-profit in 2009-present and work part time with Teach For India 2009-2010.
    So should all thses overlapping periods come under experience? Or only full time experience in experience and rest in Additional/Community Service??
    Please help!!

  4. Hey, good to see you after so long!! As far as I know, only full time experience will come in experience, and rest would come in Additional/Community service. In that case, overlapping periods doesn't matter.

    Yeah, if you have strong Community experience, then seperate it from additional section, to make it more prominent.

  5. Good thing that you're having realizations after glancing your resume. I think that before you email your resume, you must make sure that all the strengths and the things that are needed to be noticed are presented in a concise yet easy-to-notice manner. This will leave an impression of seriousness and professionalism. I learned about the techniques of writing resumes from a series of email. It was really helpful to me and also applicable to most situations.


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