Monday, May 3, 2010

My passion, Sketching

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
I remember sketching as a kid, making greeting cards for all the relatives, even for distant ones, and even during the exam days, hiding from my mom. 

Since then, arts became one of my passions, making me opt Fine-arts in my 11th grade as my additional subject. There I learnt various art forms but sketching fascinates me the most.

I sketched this portrait a few months back and my friends admire it as my best work so far. The toughest sections in this portrait were white eye brows and white hair.

Amidst busy work schedule and bschool hunt, I keep finding time to destress myself by doing what I love so much, Sketching.

Never give up your passions,


  1. Really gr8 artistic skill.... hope u continue the same

  2. Thanks! S-AK... I really hope to continue and improve it further :)

  3. Np A !!..:).. Try to pursue the sketch classes you were looking for smetime back.. during weekends

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