Monday, May 24, 2010

Reliance Stanford Fellows of 2009

There was a open chat organised by Gurome inviting Reliance Stanford Fellows of 2009. Unfortunately, the chat was scheduled on May 15th, so we have missed that opportunity. But still, click here to know about those five brilliant fellows and their amazing profiles.



  1. I attended the chat... It was good... But 1 hourwas too less to interact with all 5 of them...
    Nothing on the essay was discusses, mostly only their profiles, life at Stan, future plans, etc was discussed...

  2. Hmm! I believe that must be a great interaction. their profiles are stellar.

  3. hey A, thanks a lot. I was missing this part. Hmmm, there is no dearth of such profiles in India. Great find.

  4. Hey A, this 250 word count is absolute no?
    I mean including al the a an thes etc, right?
    I pretty clear about it that its 250,but one fellow applicant thisnks otherwise...
    What you say???

  5. Thanks Silent Warrior. I agree, thers no dearth of such profiles in India :)

  6. Hey Anagha, I truly understand the tight limit of 250. But I have managed to compress my 1000 words first draft in 250 words, and you wont believe these 250 words includes almost all the essence of that 1000 words draft. So, its time consuming, invloves a lot of restructuring, but achievable.

    Also, I personally believe short but strong sentences makes a bigger impact that long sentences.

    And, this 250 limit is not a no for me. As they dont expect a whole business plan, they just want a realistic and feasible idea.


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