Sunday, May 23, 2010

My blog just hit 1K

It's just a month I published my first post on this blog, and today it hit 1K. One more reason for a big smile. Just hope my readers are taking away something positive every time they visit. Thank you all for visiting. Keep coming up. Waiting for 5K now ;-)

What I'm doing:
1. Incorporating comments in Reliance Stanford essay
2. Shaping up my Resume
3. Preparing hard for CABM
4. Requesting Rotterdam (RSM) community for informational interview
5. Shortlisting other schools
6. And, Smiling :-)

Love you blog,


  1. Kya baat hai!!! Good going!

  2. Congratulations....
    Even my blog got 1K hits yesterday....

  3. Thanks and Congratulations mbayogi :-) Just visited your blog. Nice posts.

  4. Congratss.... awesume... mmmmmmmmmmmm :)


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