Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thoughts on Reliance Stanford fellowship essay 2010

How do you aspire to shape the future of India? When I first saw this around 20 days back, I knew it is not going to be easy; and in 250 words, not at all. The first draft was more than 1000 words, giving my friend, who is also my reviewer, jitters. But now after 3 reviews, it is actually taking shape, is 367 words, much clear, but still it’s a long way to go before submission. Well, its not worth publishing my idea as without its selection it doesn’t hold any credibility, but I could very much publish the structure of my essay, so if anyone has just started could have it as a reference to let his creative juice flowing, and others could review and post their comments to make it better.

While pondering and discussing, I realized this essay, according to me, should be structured in four parts as listed below:

1. The reason of your aspiration to serve your country. This could be any incident or your upbringing or your mindset or anything which has left an impact on the way you think/aspire now for India. (approx 30 words)

2. What have you done so far to realize/implement your aspiration? (approx 50 words)

3. What is your key idea to realize your aspiration to shape the future of India? It should not be very innovative or should not be related to social service. It could be anything such as technology advancement. But whatever your idea is, it should be very realistic. That’s the key, I believe. (approx 120 words)

4. How you connect your MBA with this idea? (approx 50 words)

These are just my views, which might work for me to approach this essay. Your views are welcome.

Keep thinking,


  1. Hi,

    I am also in the starting phase of drafting this essay.
    I liked the way you put the organisation i am also thinking in similar line.

    I am also going thru MBA process for second year.If u like we can discuss it more.

  2. Hey G.Kaura, I'm glad you liked the structure. All the best with your essay.

    Surely, we could discuss MBA process.

  3. Hey A did u get thru??


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