Monday, May 10, 2010

Animation Design

From last many months my lil sister, in 12th now, is telling me that she wants to pursue Animation, but the other day when I was trying to clear out my confusion about MBA, I realised that she should not and must not repeat my mistakes. As I told earlier in my blog, the answer to WHY is very important, I learnt it a hard way. But I'm not alone, many people like me are dreaming to pursue or chasing some career even without knowing why they want that. Many times its because of lack in exposure or correct guidance.

So, I asked her to start her initial research on animation design and pen me down a 250 words essay on WHY Animation and its Future prospects. She saw me writting many MBA essays last year, and yeah, she giggled when I said essay. I said I'm serious :)

If anyone interested in animation, check for more details here.


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  1. There are many vacancies for govt jobs in Andaman like UT's. Only thing is to get prepared for going there to perform duties sincerely.


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