Monday, May 9, 2016

Guide For MBA

Few years back I was a MBA applicant with dreams to secure a coveted place in a reputed business school.

It is then I created this blog to share the mistakes I was making and lessons I was learning along the path towards a business school.

In fact, I kept the title of this blog as "mistake, lessons, MBA and more..."

The entire journey from preparing from GMAT to  selecting the schools to crafting applications to polishing for interviews was very overwhelming. Many times, I wondered, this really worth it?

But after finishing this journey with flying colors against all the odds, I can proudly say - Yes, it was definitely worth it. It wasn't easy at all...there were lots of ups and downs, but at the end, the feeling to realize your biggest dream made all the pain worth it.

Now, after learning all the turns and twists in this journey, I want to leverage my first-hand knowledge and experience to help you.

I am going to transform this blog into an end-to-end guide for MBA to help MBA applicants to realize their biggest dreams.

Introduce yourself by leaving a comment below and stay tuned!


  1. Well, I'm preparing for GMAT and planning to write the exam in Jul-16. Verbal is where I lack the most. CR looks many a times confusing. RC at times a get all correct and at times none. Let me know if you can share your experiences that can help me getting a good score.

  2. @Rohit,

    I understand verbal could be daunting in the beginning. The only and only way to get better at verbal practice, practice and some more practice. Carefully recording the mistakes you are making along the way so you could identify and avoid them next time. This is exactly how I improved my verbal. Pls write to me the material you are using for verbal and I may guide you more.

    All the very best!

  3. Hi,just read thru your blog ,very well written and planning to apply for pgpx nxt year.have queries about a low GMAT.i have 620 and not sure if I can goahead and apply or retry.I do have a unique profile but that's what I feel(short listed for ISB interview).i heard IIMA is very particular about the GMAT score,s o can I take a chance (I have a genuine reason for a low score,but is it possible to mention the details in any essay?

    1. Hi, thanks for your kind words. GMAT Score is just one part of the profile and it is true that it's very important. But if you have a unique profile than even with low GMAT score, you can get yourself in. It depends how unique is your story. Secondly, even if you can't mention your reason in your essays, you should mention them during the interview... that's more impactful.

  4. Thanks for much for your response In continuation to my earlier query,if indeed my story is unique I can mention it in essays but wouldn't that be the 2nd round of selection?first round shortlisting happens only looking at academics ,GMAT but,essays are open to shortlisted candidates is what I understand.

    1. Yes,for IIMA PGPX essays are in 2nd round. Interview call is based on your candidate's profile. That's why I mentioned unique profile, not unique story in my earlier comment. IIMA prefers diversity so if you are from non-IT background e.g. army or medical, IIMA might shortlist you even with low GMAT

    2. Your responses bring in so much clarity for my application process!! Thanks a ton! I do also have questions regarding career placement which I shall get back in a while! Hope you dont mind :-)


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