Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kellogg essays and ApexWriters

I am done with my applications long back and was interviewed by couple of schools including Kellogg. Got busy with my personal life and also wanted to take a break from tiring application process so didn’t blog.

As I posted earlier, I deferred my Kellogg application to round 2 as I was not confident of my essays in round 1. And, then I decided to take help from a professional service which can give me some critical feedback. One of my friends redirected me to ApexWriters where a group of graduates from business schools provide a feedback and editing service. I found their service absolutely suitable and decided to hire them for solely Kellogg essays.

They offer various services and the service I took (Scratchpad service) included two discussions over telephone one hour each and then three rounds of reviewing and editing for each essay, including unlimited email exchange.

I fixed my first meeting and sent all my essays to the counselor assigned to me. He called me on time and we took our first essay. He told me absolutely what's wrong in my story and even appreciated what's right. He broke my essay and explained what's impressive and what's not. He also explained me in detail what to keep in mind and how to draft a story more effectively. We were able to discuss over only two essays in first meeting. Following his feedback, I was quickly able to fix my essays and send them over.

Within 24 hours, he returned my essays with detailed review on almost each paragraph. All his comments were elaborate and made real sense. The purpose is to give feedback on overall strategy of the essay as well as on the minute details. He even pointed out what's missing from an admission committee perspective. That was really impressive. We followed the same for other essays and after the two rounds of reviewing each essay, the last round was for language editing. Following this entire process, I felt confident that my essays are up to the mark and in ready to submit state.

ApexWriters service was a relief for me. I found them very ethical and supportive in their approach which was exactly I was looking for. I really vouch for them.

Results of Kellogg are pouring in and I am desperately waiting for some good news.

All the best to all of you waiting,

Disclaimer: I have received 20% discount on service fee for review on ApexWriters services on this blog. However, these views above are purely from my experiences and the reader should assume that discount that I am availing does not impact my analysis above.


  1. Finally!!! The post arrived! :-)

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