Saturday, September 11, 2010

Startup Leadership Program (SLP) Bangalore kicks off

Today SLP Bangalore chapter had its kick-off meet in Evoma. We started with tagging our names on our shirts, to help each other out with our names. I noticed, unlike me, almost everyone wrote two names on their stickies. If you guessed it right, the second name was their start-up name. Yes, they all are already entrepreneurs. Quite embarrassing for me! 

Sudip Dutta, our program manager, told us about the rigorous selection process and how after 3 rounds of application review by different reviewers and 1 telephonic interview, 21 applicants have been selected for Bangalore chapter. Now that was an accomplished moment!

Then after the small introduction from Sudip and our advisors, we headed towards the lounge to grab some drinks and to know each other better. We had very friendly and mature interactions out there. It was the time I met so many people with so diverse backgrounds doing so diverse stuff. But not even for  a single moment, I felt it's our first meet. It was a truly amazing hour spent. Seems gonna have lot of serious learning and serious fun in coming next 6 months.



  1. Gud Job !!!... and Gud to see the group.. I m so hapy for you... Looking smart though !! ( If i am guessing you correctly from the pic :) )

  2. Thanks SAK, and I think you guessing me right as therez only one guy whoz smart ;) lolz

  3. Hi A,

    Can you give me a general feedback on the SLP program of which you were a part ?I plan to apply this year.It would really be of great help if you can provide the details.

  4. Hi P, the power of SLP is its network of vibrant and diverse people, mostly entrepreneurs. The program goes for 6 or 9 months where the SLP fellows meet one or two saturdays every month. In every meeting, we invite successful entrepreneurs, legal advisors, VCs, and discuss and learn the entrepreneurship nitty-grittes. Fellows also get a chance to become the CEO of a month where he/she co-ordinates the entire meeting from end-to-end. Fellows also presents pitches for their start-ups and then we socialize with drinks. And then we call it a day!!!

  5. Hi A,

    Thanks for the info.Is it necessary that all participants need to have a startup or venture running if one wants to take part in the program?


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