Saturday, August 21, 2010

ISB Essays - A quick yippiee update

After a lot of thinking, juggling, and struggling, finally I've managed to complete a decent version of all my ISB essays and just sent them to my first reviewer mukaam. They are still flowing out of word limit but tommorow I'm going to discuss each essay with her in detail and hopefully finalize them soon after few more reviews from few other close people.

It's a yippiee moment!


  1. Howz it goin after reviewing with mukaam.. Hopefully the essays got a pretty Gud shape.. Keep me posted

  2. i am in the same boat as you were last year..looking to apply this year and havent yet appeared for GMAT. Planning to give GMAT in Oct end. Hope i make it this year.

  3. Hi! Is there a way I can contact you via email? Let me know, thanks. =)

  4. @S-AK: Ya, I'm still in last minute rush as always but much better than last year. Will keep you posted.

    @Ankit: Thanks for dropping by. Wish you luck for GMAT, and am sure you will make it this year.

    @Nina: Thanks for dropping by. There is a button "contact me" on left side thru which you can contact me.


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