Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An informative morning in discussion with Shobhit, a Kellogg student

After a long time I saw the beautiful fresh morning, yes after a long time. My office starts at 11 am, and if you have read my earlier posts you might be knowing that I sleep late (around 3 am) to get up late. Today I'd a meeting scheduled at 8 am with Shobhit Chugh, a Kellogg student and Mckinsey intern, and that gave a chance to enjoy a few clean breezes and an informative discussion.

We talked about tightly knit community and team orientated culture of Kellogg, and its the top notch faculty and students that still keeps Kellogg on the top.

Then the discussion revolves around my career goals, and he shared his views regarding them. It might be tough to get into a senior management role back in industry after working for few years in consulting, as consulting job majorly deals in making strategies, and does not give much experience in management. However, technology/product management could prove better than consulting for my long term career goal of a senior level director in an IT company. Secondly, if I don't enjoy travelling much, it would be a major challenge with consulting job, as there is no other go.

Then we discussed about the challenges with starting my own company and he said a bschool could be an awesome and safe platform to implement your ideas with smart people around, but post school, it becomes really challenging to take your company forward, under huge debts without financial backing. We also discussed about the new courses related to start-ups in Kellogg.

He was too supportive and asked me to post further questions over email. It was pretty good way to start a day among these essay writing days.



  1. This is an excellent thought provoking post.

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  3. Really good one ! Just interested in knowing how consulting will not lead to senior positions and how tech/prod. mgmt will lead to the goal. This echoes my sentiments too , but can you please elaborate :)

  4. Hi Shivraj, thanks for visiting.

    What I understood is that by consulting one can get into senior positons but it might get tough to get into senior MANAGEMENT positions. E.g. you might become a senior folk in a strategy group of a company directly after consulting but heading a technical or business unit might seem tough to get in directly post consulting. It is because consulting would provide you wide experince of strategy building but lacks in management exposure.

    This is my understanding, and might NOT be correct.


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