Friday, July 30, 2010

My experience with Princeton Review MBA admission service

Supposedly, this entry be published 2 weeks earlier when Princeton Review screwed up my senses, but then I went home for vacation and was chilled down. But still I feel to blog my experience with Princeton Review so my fellow MBA aspirants could make the right decision.

I took the Princeton Review MBA admission counseling last year. As I took my GMAT in Nov 2009 and was in rush to meet round 2 deadlines, I needed a correct and quick guidance. You must have sensed by now, Princeton Review terribly failed to provide me that, and to get me through any of the shortlisted schools.

My counselor always pretended to be very smart and knowledgeable, but for every question his first two answers were "I'll get back to you," and "Don't worry, you are in safe hands." He never bothered to know about my stories, forget his guiding on them. He read my essays only once just before applications submission, that too just for spell check or a formality. He always claimed that he is an interview expert but when he prepared me for it, I realised it was all waste. We planned a mock interview one day before my real interview, but he forgot that and didn't even bother to pick my call. Can you beat this? All in all I still don't know what was his role.

My essay editor was quite impressive lady. But she has her own limitations. Her role was majorly language correction and styling.

Finally, I didn't get through any of 5 schools. My counselor assured me that Princeton Review would provide me free service again for new 5 schools and later Princeton Review operations folks denied it and gave some excuses. I was not interested in their free services anyways as I decided to write my essays myself this time, but it made me realise that they don't care about career, they are just worried about their business.

The major role of these people should be to understand our stories, evaluate them, help us pick best ones out, and help them weave together to give a complete picture, without missing out any dimension and at the same time avoid writing redundant stuffs. Let us know about the great blogs and career related sites, pro-actively guide us through additional actions such as informational interviews, sessions etc. And then to prepare us for interviews by suggesting what to say, what not to say, how to say, et al.

The purpose of this post is only and only to share my not-so-good experience, so other interested guys could make the right decision.

Hope you guys will make the right choice,


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. as I am also working on getting my MBA. It sounds tough.

  2. Sad Ya...These guys wasted your one year...Good that you have posted about it.. Counselors generally do not help..May be in GMAT they can give you guidance but in India they do not know much about applications..I have talked to other friends who have taken these services..No one really found them helpful.

  3. @ HPV, good to know you found it useful.

    @ Mukaam, ya its really sad. The best way is to research and write apps urself, its just u need to have ample time and can't rush...Trust me am enjoying more this time :)

  4. I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience. I'm an admissions coach and my clients love me! :)

    I love them too.

    Come check out my site and see if I would be a good coach for you.

    You should also join my MBA blogger team and get freebies!

  5. sorry to hear about your experience! that's so unfortunately and sad to hear that they treated you like that. I haven't heard of anyone using Princeton review as a consultant but if I do I will send them to your blog and let them decide for themselves

  6. @ Kaneisha, ya i've heard many good things about you and also saw you in HBS MBA podcaster video... I do check you site... All the very best for your venture... :)

    @ Richard, surely let your frens know!!

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  8. I am also working with them for my Masters and the same crap has come up on me..I am thinking of moving to some other consultant..I dont know they will refund my fee,,Any suggestions??

  9. Hi,
    I had a very good experience with the counselor in Princeton review. They helped me in scholarship process

  10. I secured a scholarship of $25,000 per year.

  11. Am going thru the same with Princeton Review. Same thing as your counsellor told... That female is like "ok chal.. i ll get back to you.. teekhe..".. And for over a million times i repeated to her that i am applying for Masters in Management and we ll have conversation. She ll pretend to work sincerely. After 2 days she again calls me back and says hey u applying for MBA rite :p Hell they have a choice for either MS or MBA and when i asked them for MSc Management they pooled in MBA category but they have makrjed me as MBA candidate. I srsly feel stabbing them. Lol. But just laughing as how my wrong decision is reflecting.

    1. Hi,

      I am not sure to which Princeton Review franchisee are you referring, but my Princeton Review Counselor was very well educated with the entire process, he helped me get good amount of scholarship with a very low GMAT score. He did his best in the entire process guiding me in each and every stage.

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