Friday, July 9, 2010

A fresh season begins

Sad news sometimes comes together, and in fact it is good; makes you a little less sad relatively. Last week the season 1 of my one and only Hindi television serial,, got over. I love this serial because of the way its cute stories are written and executed giving a positive fresh feeling, always inspiring me to write short stories, and to think something new and positive. In the same week, I got bad news from Tepper after a long waitlist period with which season 1 of my MBA applications is also over. But as things always get over for the new and better beginnings, I'm prepared more than never before for the coming MBA applications season.

Apart from this what's happening in my life...

A lot more increased responsibilities and challenging work has come up with recent promotion. In addition to managing a complex real time financial project and handling a high performing team, now I'm interacting more often with traders and research analysts (our customers) to find out ways how to design better financial products for them.  

I've always loved technology and Information Technology industry, but now I want to accelerate my career, for which I require critical managerial skills,  strategic decision making skills, et al. Having said that, my decision of MBA at this point seem more viable to me. Today officially started drafting career goals essay.

Preperation for CABM is not going as fast as I expected, but trying to pace it up for the exam in August, which reminds to book exam date. Yesterday saw the presentation of ISB - CABM orientation event.

My team at CRY (Child Rights and You) is catching tremendous pace and we have seen drastic improvements in the lives of slum children and their parents by our efforts. I am involved with CRY from a long time now but never happened to write about it here as I have separate personal blog for that. But, would blog excerpt about my volunteering work on this space soon, as community volunteering work is one of the things I'm passionate about. 

My personal blog, for my portraits, short stories, fictions, reviews, volunteering activities, and other offbeat personal stuff, has reached 2000 hits in less 2 months and is growing much faster than this blog.

After completing Salsa intermediary stage 2 recently, I've decided to practice only at home for sometime as MBA new season is catching up fast and there's so much to do!



  1. All the best on your new season... With no doubt, things ae gonna fall in place this time. Keep working hard as you always do !!.. Ok Ok.. I know what you would b thinking when i say "hard work"... easy easy.. :) :).. Anyways, All the very BEST !!!!!

  2. Thanks SAK for your wishes, but I din know what you mean by "Ok Ok.. I know what you would b thinking when i say "hard work"... easy easy.. "

    Anyways, all the best to you too!!

  3. Oh ya .. Thn let me be explicit here ... Normally u don't like me talking abt hard work ... That's why ... ( pun intended..) so u shud be laughing fr this ... :) :)..... anyways ...

  4. I really like your personal blog and I think its high time you gear up for CABM. It will benefit me as well. :-)
    All the best for your apps. What are the final schools other than Kellogg and Ross?

  5. Hey mukaam, am glad u enjoy my personal blog :) CABM, phew!! And I'm still in process of selecting other schools..will blog soon abt that :)


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