Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tepper result awaited

It's been more than two months and Tepper result is still awaited. Yes, I'm Tepper waitlisted and still expecting to hear some positive news, though the chances being an international applicant seem a little low now.

Contacted Tepper. They are evaluating and re-evaluating applications, and results would be announced by July1, which means today or tomorrow. This is my last result for this year, and I am all set to apply for Fall 2011, but the wait is killing me. And the downside of this anxiety is that I'm not able to concentrate on my CABM nor my applications from last few days.

Tepper, please announce the result as said. Fingers are still crossed!

All the best to me,


  1. I really really wish the same.. Know you are all set for Fall 2011, but i really hope this gets thro'. I would be the happiest, if so.

    I think I am one of the persons, who have seen you all thro the journey and I know how much it does mean to you. Though we know, 2011 admits are going to be pretty positive for you, still i would expect tepper for 2010 clicks as well.
    "All the very best to me...... " - thats so sweettt... All the very very best !!!!.. mmmm :)

  2. Thanks a lot for ur wishes... fingers are crossed...lets see :)

  3. So when are you ringing me for the result?

  4. Just saw this.. I din ring, u rang me... so, I'm not going anywhere, see!! ;)

  5. This is an excellent thought provoking post.


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