Friday, November 19, 2010

An evening with Richard Ivey

She was waiting for me, standing tall next to the pillar, with folded hands and crossed legs, as I entered the Taj lobby. I was 15 minutes before the scheduled time and she was free, so we decided to sit at the pool side. It was a pleasant evening wheather of Bangalore with no drizzling thankfully. Some wedding preperations were going on there and we started with a light conversation about Indian weddings and how they are like grand parties and she told she wants to attend one. And then, the interview began.

It was not a blind one and she was well informed about my application, but it was quite standard with a few spontaneous questions. She was easy going and so was the interview.

Walk me through your resume briefly.
Why MBA?
Where do you see yourself just after MBA? Exactly what role you think you would be playing?
What do you see in a MBA school?
Any leadership or team work experience.
Any challenging situation in team. How you handled? What you learned?
What concerns career team in Richard Ivey could have with your placement and how they could address them?
What's your long term goal? Any specific company in mind for long term?
Any constructive criticism from the manager.
Why we should take you?
Any questions for me?

And the pool side meeting was over in half an hour with hand shakes, smiles, a light conversation about her India visit, and a final hand shake.

Was it a date? Will be revealed on Dec 17 ;-)


  1. Sounds like your interview went well. Hopefully the next few weeks will fly by and you'll get the answer you've been waiting for.

    In the meantime, would you share your experience with others on Accepted's Interview Database? It would really help others prep for their interviews...and you could win an iPad in our new contest!

    Here's the link --

    Thanks and good luck!

    Sarah P.

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