Monday, May 23, 2016

Why MBA?

All the business schools have one question in common for the applicants - "Why MBA?"

It is be asked either in the application or during the interview. It is be asked either directly like "Why MBA?" or it could be asked indirectly like "Where do you see yourself after 5 years?" But it is always asked for it is very important for a business school to understand your clarity of purpose.

But let's be honest here - while applying to business schools, do we have this clarity of purpose? Isn't out true purpose is to simply impress the admission committee with great responses to make our way into our dream school? How many of us actually believe in what we write in essays or speak during interviews. Honestly, not much.

During my interactions with MBA applicants, students and alums in last 5 years, only 5-10 percent of them knew exactly why they wanted to do MBA before entering the business school; 40-50 percent have some vague idea and the rest just wanted to do MBA because it could give them a career growth.

Trust me, those 5-10 percent who exactly knew are the ones who made the best use of the time in business school in terms of classes to attend, clubs to join, people to connect, etc. etc.

So, it is indeed a very important question. But more for your own self, not for business school.

Take out some time and ponder honestly - "Why should I do an MBA?"

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  1. Great post. MBA is the first towards building an entrepreneur. MBA helps individual to start thinking like an entrepreneur and it gives you different trait that an person should possess to become a successful entrepreneur. One such trait is to focus on vision and not on temporary profits. As said by varun manian "Entrepreneurship is not only about making profits"


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